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What is Mister about?

What is Mister about?

Mister basics are anything but basic!

Never worry about finding your ideal colour, fit or design ever again – with 32 combinations of underwear, 6 of socks and 8 of t-shirts, you’ll be able to choose the perfect underwear for every one of your outfits or for any occasion.

Our underwear is made from a luxury blend of cotton and 100% natural beechwood Modal – it’s specially formulated by one of the most prestigious and innovative fabric mills in the world. We even use a sonar machine to cut our underwear, so there are no bulky seams, no annoying waistbands (only super comfy ones), and absolutely no chance of them riding up. As an added bonus, the cotton blend prevents odours, moisture AND keeps you cool. No one else makes underwear as comfortable or as well fitting as Mister!

Our socks are made from a blend of bamboo fibre, which is as breathable as cotton and as soft as cashmere – they’ll be by far your comfiest pair of socks, we guarantee it. For extra comfort, we’ve removed any seams from the toes of the socks, so they’ll never dig in between your toes again. Mister socks are designed to naturally support your heel and stay up around your calf without gripping – they’re pretty fab.

Our t-shirts are every bit as soft and luxurious as our underwear and socks, and they’ll make you look like you’ve spent the weekend in the gym. They’ve been cut from our special, super soft long-staple cotton. This means Mister t-shirts are lightweight, static resistant, flatter your body and make you look awesome.

You can select the style, fit, colour, and design of Mister essentials, so the final combination will be exactly what you want. Mister will make sure you’ll never hunt for underwear ever again!

Mister – every pair is your lucky pair.

Mister Boxer

Introducing Mister Club


Mister Club Tee, Briefs & Socks

Select your size and colour preferences.

Mister Club Delivery

Choose how often you have your essentials delivered to your door.

Mister Club Subscription

Cancel your subscription at anytime. No fuss.

We know that busy men have more important things to worry about than shopping for underwear – that’s why we created the Mister Club! Our subscription club will take care of your essential needs for you, so you have one less thing to think about, and only worry about which ones match your outfit best!

Our subscription service is simple, easy and fuss free. You select the exact combination of underwear, socks and t-shirts you’re after, and then choose how often you’d like them delivered – that’s all there is to it!

You can cancel at any time – you’ll never be tied down with us. Once you’ve told us what you want, the Mister Club will take care of everything else for you.

We can create your perfect package of essentials.

View the Mister Lookbook

View the Mister Lookbook

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